Mr. Sorowar Nizami

Principal Research Officer; &
Chief Executive
Bangladesh Institute of Legal development (BiLD)

Editor General
BiLD Law Journal (ISSN- 2518-6523); &
Managing Editor
South Asian Law Review (ISSN- 2708-5740)

Sorowar Nizami is the major pioneer and one of the founders of Bangladesh Institute of Legal Development (BiLD). Alongside he is currently holding the post of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Institution. Before establishing BiLD, he has worked as associate lawyer at the Legal Care and Azad & Company, two reputed corporate law chambers situated at Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has written some law text books and among his books ‘Laws relating to Power of Attorney’ is a book which is nationally recognized and positively criticized by many jurists. Currently, he is playing the role of Editor General at BiLD Law Journal (ISSN- 2518-6523) and Managing Editor at South Asian Law Review (ISSN- 2708-5740).

He is a regular column writer in various daily newspapers in Bangladesh. He dreams to develop the legal sector of Bangladesh in a high position. He has also a good familiarity in the literature arena of Bangladesh for practicing poem and short story. Several books on literature have also been published by his name.