BiLD is the also leading for pro bono legal services that aims to grow participation and excellence in pro bono, our unique contribution to closing the justice gap and creating a more equitable and sustainable society. The Institute does provide legal advice or legal assistance, or refer individuals to pro bono lawyers. The Institute promotes and supports pro bono as an adviser, advocate, researcher, broker and resource provider. If you need information, advice or assistance in setting up a pro bono program or on any other issue related to pro bono legal assistance in Bangladesh please contact us or refer to our publications and resources. The Institute works to achieve this in three ways:


Activate new and existing pro bono legal professional by promoting awareness of pro bono legal services, providing incentives to participate and advocating for policy reform


Equip pro bono legal professionals by providing practical tools and resources and reducing barriers and constraints to pro bono participation


Connect members of the pro bono ecosystem through collaboration and best practice sharing


More information on the strategies that the Institute uses to achieve this can be found in its Strategic Plan.

Find Legal Help

To help us to direct you to the right service, please select from one of the three options below:

Are you an Individual looking for legal help?

If you are an individual looking for legal help in Australia, the legal assistance services available to you depend on which state or territory you live in. In some cases, if you have a legal hearing or dispute in another state or territory, you may need to seek help there instead.

Are you from a Non-profit Organization?

The legal needs of not-for-profit organisations, such as governance, taxation, and employment issues, are well matched with the expertise and experience of corporate law firms that undertake pro bono work. Please note that BiLD is an independent centre of expertise on pro bono legal services in Bangladesh.

Are you a Dalit, Third-Gender or Refugee?

Pro bono legal services can be used to support dalit, third-gender and refugee.

Probono Providers

Whether you are a law student at the beginning of your career or an experienced practitioner, there are many opportunities to provide pro bono assistance throughout your legal career. You might also like to visit Information on Pro Bono to find out what sets ‘pro bono legal work’ apart from other volunteer and community activities.

As a Law Firm or Practice

Whether you are a small, mid or large sized firm or practice you can use your expertise to make a valuable pro bono contribution. No matter what stage of development your pro bono practice is at, BiLD can provide you with expert support.

As an Individual Advocate or Barrister

Whether you are newly admitted to practice or are already an experienced advocate or barrister, you can use your legal skills to make a valuable pro bono contribution. There are a number of ways in which you can do so as an individual lawyer.

As an In-house Lawyer or Legal Team

In-house corporate and government legal teams and individual lawyers can make a significant contribution to pro bono legal services. In-house pro bono enables lawyers to give back to the community, and can bring long-term benefits ...