BiLD Law Journal: Volume I Issue I

BiLD Law Journal

Volume I, Issue I
   October 2016

ISSN-L 2518-6523

ISSN 2523-1618 (Online Version), ISSN 2518-6523 (Print Version), ISSN 2523-1626 (CD-ROM Version)

A Brief Discussion on Business Transactions in Islamic Jurisprudence with a view to the Status of Riba.
by Mohammed Javed Mia

Freedom of Expression and Utilitarianism: Variants of Constitutional Standards. 
by Md. Moinudin Kadir

The Legal   Regime of Public Private  Partnership in Bangladesh: An Overview and Analysis
by Riad Mahmud

United Nations Guideline Principles on Business & Human Rights: A Probable Tutor for Companies to Trail the Human Rights Dogmas 
by Ayesha Saleh

Judging the Judges: The Role of Parliament in the Removal of Judges and Its Impact on the Judicial Independence.
by Imran Rashid

Replacing Traditional Brick Kiln, a Culprit of Air Pollution by Introducing Sustainable Green Brick Technology in Bangladesh
by Khairul Islam Taj

Nowhere To Call Home: Statelessness and the Dilemma of Resolving Nationality Status.
by Md. Faizul Islam S. M. Shaukatul Islam


Facts and opinions published in BiLD Law Journal (ISSN 2518-6523) express solely the opinions of the respective authors. Authors are responsible for their citing of sources and the accuracy of their references and bibliographies. The editors cannot be held responsible for any lacks or possible violations of third parties’ rights.

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