BiLD Law Journal: Volume II Issue I

BiLD Law Journal

Volume II, Issue I
   April 2017

ISSN-L 2518-6523

ISSN 2523-1618 (Online Version), ISSN 2518-6523 (Print Version), ISSN 2523-1626 (CD-ROM Version)

Increase of Daughter’s Share in the Succession of Sonless family: Does it contravene the Spirit of Shariah Law? 
by Md. Khaled Miah

Ruling the Represented: Understanding Politics in Laws
by Md. Sohel Rana

Capricious Infringements of Students’ Rights at Educational Institutions in Bangladesh
by Abu Shofiun Mohammad Taj Uddin Mahmudus Samad Maruf

An Analysis on Fire Prevention and Fighting Act, 2003: Dhaka City Perspective
by Md. Nayem Alimul Hyder

Conflict between Shareholders and Creditors: A Critical Analysis
by Nusrat Zahan Ferdausi Nuron

Right to life: Life itself is not enough to protect life
by Selim Reza

Juvenile Delinquency and Justice System in Bangladesh: A Critical Analysis.
by Md. Riaduzzaman


Facts and opinions published in BiLD Law Journal (ISSN 2518-6523) express solely the opinions of the respective authors. Authors are responsible for their citing of sources and the accuracy of their references and bibliographies. The editors cannot be held responsible for any lacks or possible violations of third parties’ rights.

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