BiLD Law Journal: Volume IV Issue II

BiLD Law Journal

Volume IV, Issue II
    October 2019

ISSN-L 2518-6523

ISSN 2523-1618 (Online Version), ISSN 2518-6523 (Print Version), ISSN 2523-1626 (CD-ROM Version)

Decoding Children’s Charity Bangladesh (CCB) Foundation v Government of Bangladesh: The First Ever Public Law Compensation Case in Bangladesh and the Way Forward
by Farhana Helal Mehtab, PhD & Ali Mashraf

Revisiting Public Procurement Law in Mainland Tanzania
by Dr. Thobias Raphael Mnyasenga & Eustard P.N. Athanace

Identifying Major Challenges to Achieve ‘SDG 13’: Bangladesh in Context
by Sagar Talukder

Genetically Modified (GM) Crops and Legal Protections: Bangladesh in Context
by Sazzad Alam

The Challenges of Freedom of Expression and the Digital Security Act 2018
by Sharmin Jahan Runa

An Ecofeminist and Third World Critique of Deep Ecology
by Mohammad Ali Fakur & Ujal Kumar Mookherjee

Changing Paradigm of Customary International Law in the Light of Developing Human Rights Law
by Somabha Bandopadhay & Shivam Pandey

Legal Protection of Third Gender (Hijra) in Bangladesh: Challenges and Possible Solution
by Dr. Md. Nayem Alimul Hyder & Golam Faruque Rasel


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