About Book

Bangladesh Institute of Legal Development (BiLD) had been established to make contribution in the legal education of Bangladesh and rest of the world. As such the Institute has the ultimate goal to publish international standard books which fulfil the demand of the academics, scholars, practitioners, researchers and students. The Institute is committed to publish the highest standard of law books in Bangladesh. We basically publish books written, edited and translated by the researchers of Bangladesh Institute of Legal Development (BiLD). We also publish books written by other authors that meets international standard. Keeping such kind of aims, the Institute has already published two research books namely Laws Relating to Power of Attorney and BiLD Law Book on MCQ.

The Institute has also taken initiative to translate good quality of foreign books in Bangla. Right now, there is huge demand of good quality law books written in Bangla, and it is often heard from law students, researchers and lawyers that Bangla law books available in the market are often unable to meet the expected standard. As complex the arena of law is, we understand demand of Bangla law books that ensures highest standard, and we are committed to fulfil the demand of these people.

We believe that Bangla Medium will one day become a standard version of studying legal education, legal research, etc. As our book will be published both in Bangla and English, readers are free to choose in which language they want to study. However, our attempts will be successful when we will be able to deliver these promises. So, we need prayer and good wishes.