Publishing Policies

BiLD is committed to advancing discovery by publishing robust and insightful research, supporting the development of new areas of knowledge, and making ideas and knowledge accessible around the world. In taking responsibility for accepting and publishing an author’s research our primary duty is to make it as widely discoverable, accessible, understandable, usable, reusable and shareable as possible.

Our publishing and editorial policies have been developed in consultation with the research communities that we serve, including authors and librarians, and they are rooted in our belief that scholarly communication is aided by greater transparency of the processes by which we operate. These policies underpin our respect for academic independence; our commitment to ensuring authors have a real choice in the type and mode of publication for their research; an understanding that this research needs to be published as quickly as possible whilst commanding the highest level of trust; our responsibility in safeguarding the scientific accuracy of the published record; and, via our connections with the communities we serve, our understanding of the changing needs of the academic community. 

The policies and principles set out here apply to all kinds of Books. The books we publish are subject to our publishing and editorial policies however.