An International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is an 8-digit code used to uniquely identify a serial publication. The ISSN is especially helpful in distinguishing between serials with the same title. When a serial with the same content is published in more than one media type, a different ISSN is assigned to each media type. BiLD Law Journal has already got assigned ISSN-L for all of its media types.

BiLD Law Journal carries print ISSN, online ISSN & CD-Rom ISSN which are shown below-

ISSN-L 2518-6523
Online Type: ISSN 2523-1618
Print Type: ISSN 2518-6523
CD-ROM Type: ISSN 2523-1626

We place p-ISSN in the upper right corner of the cover. For online version, we place it on the homepage or on the main menu and for CD-Rom version on visible part of the disc.

ISSN ID Certificate
BiLD Law Journal