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BiLD Law Academy will provide a complete package of tuition support to the examinee for facing Bangladesh Bar Council Enrollment Exam. To be an advocate in Bangladesh a candidate must pass in the three-step examination procedure, known as Bar Council Enrollment Examination or Advocateship Enrollment Examination. But before sitting in examination the applicant must have completed some pre-requirements. These are: the candidate must have enough educational qualifications, s/he has to submit intimation, s/he has to received registration card, pay necessary fee and then has to fill-up necessary document for examination.

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Three Steps


MCQ is the preliminary stage of the three parts examination procedure. If any examinee fails in the MCQ exam, s/he cannot sit for written exam.


An applicant must pass in the written examination before facing viva. Written examination is considered as very crucial for an examinee to enroll as an Advocate.


To be an advocate in Bangladesh a candidate must pass in the three-step examination procedure. In this procedure viva is the final stage.

Syllabus (Preliminery)

Syllabus (Written)



Md. Shimul Hossain

Khairul Hasan Sarker Naeem

ANM Ashiqur Rahman Khan


Sadiul Islam Antor

Md. Golam Zakaria

Md. Ariful Islam

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