Pre-Requirements for Bar Council Enrollment Examination



1. The applicant must be a citizen of Bangladesh.

2. The applicant must have a 4-years LL. B (Hon’s) or 2 years LL.B pass course degree from any approved university of Bangladesh. Any similar foreign course can be accepted with the clear permission given by the Bangladesh Bar Council.

3. The applicant must have a pupilage period of 6 (six) months under a practising Advocate of 10 years experience.


Pupillage Registration Form (First Intimation)


If the applicant has proper qualifications mentioned above, then s/he has to collect two payment slip and has to fill up those slips in the following way. 


Blue Slip: In the blue slip, the applicant has to write down details of him/her on the front page as asked in the form. In the back page of the form s/he has to tick the Registration Fee option (1) and has to write in the amount column 800/. These forms are used for multiple purposes so the applicant does not need to worry about other options.


Yellow Slip: The applicant has to fill up the front page as mentioned above. In the back page of the form s/he has to again tick the Pupilage Registration from Fee option (1), in the amount column s/he has to write 500/. After that s/he has to sign both documents and submit the amount in the special SIBL collection booth at the Bangladesh Bar Council Building. After that the applicant with the receipt copies of those slips has to go to the information desk and ask for pupilage registration form.


Pupilage Registration Form (Second Intimation)


In the registration form, the applicant must have to write down his/her name with Block letter with full address and most active phone Number. With this registration form, the applicant has to attach some additional documents and then submit to the Bar Council. The documents are: (a) a contract of pupilage executed on the Bar Council prescribed agreement form, (b) attested copies of S.S.C, H.S.C, Degree or equivalent certificates and Marks sheets and copy of Law degree certificate or (In case of Foreign University degree an equivalency certificate from Bangladesh Bar Council/Ministry of Education, (c) three copies of recent passport size coloured photographs attested by his/her Senior or Secretary of any Bar Association and (d) the receipt or payment slip.


Pupilage Contract & Affidavit


In the Pupilage Contract Form prescribed by the Bar Council, the applicant has to write down necessary information and also need an affidavit. After downloading the affidavit form, the applicant need to do the necessary changes and print it on 200 taka’s non-judicial stamp. Then s/he has to appear before the Notary public for Affidavit.  The Stamp could cost 230-250 taka (two 100-taka stamp), printing could cost 50-60 taka and notary public would charge 100-200 taka.


The Waiting Period


At this stage, the applicant has to keep an eye on Bar council website. Generally, the Bar Council provides registration cards according to university. Although, the rule is that after completion of pupilage period an applicant will receive the registration card, but in reality it takes a long time.


Registration Card


Bangladesh Bar Council would provide notice on their website along with a token and a list of students. The applicant has to submit that token with all academic attested certificate. In the given token the applicant has to write down the token number and then submit one part of the token and receive Registration Card.


Application for Enrollment as an Advocate


After getting the Registration Card the applicant has to collect Pupillage Registration Form. For this s/he has to collect two slips from Bar Council. In the blue slip, s/he has to select SL. No.2 – Enrollment fee – taka 2000/- , SL. No 3 – Enrolment /viva-voce Exam – Fee taka – 1500/- and SL. No 4 – Annual Fee for yr. – taka 200/- . Total taka 3700/-. In the yellow s/he has to select T.F -02 – Enrolment Examination fee – taka 1000/-. The applicant then has to submit the money as mentioned before.


Form-A: Application for Enrollment As Advocate


This form is quite similar like Pupilage Registration Form. But the applicant has to provide some additional information with this form. These are NID Card Number, Pupilage Registration No and Bar Name that the applicant would want to join. The applicant has to submit further:


(a) a certificate of completion of training in Form ‘G’ on cartridge paper together with a list of at least 10 cases (5 civil & 5 criminal), which will be given with the form. The applicant has to mention sections and law of those cases and the the court names. (b) copies of S.S.C, H.S.C and Degree or equivalent certificates and Marks sheets thereof attested by his/her senior (pupil master) or Secretary of any Bar Association. (c) copies of LL.B (Hons)/LL.M/Call to the Bar Certificate and marks sheets thereof attested by his/her senior or Secretary of any Bar Association. (In case of foreign University degree an equivalency certificate from University Grant Commission/Ministry of Education shall have to be submitted). (d) two testimonials from persons in a good position as to the charac­ter and conduct of the applicant. (e) four copies of the recent passport size coloured photographs attested by his/her senior or Secretary of any Bar Association. (f) an affidavit stating fully, truly and accurately, if any criminal proceeding or proceedings for professional misconduct were insti­tuted against him/her in any country and if so with what result and fur­ther stating that the statements made in the application in Form ‘A’ are true and accurate.