Sorowar Nizami
Chief Executive
Sorowar Nizami is a founder of Bangladesh Institute of Legal Development (BiLD). Now he is holding the post of Chief Executive of the Institution. Before establishing BiLD, he has served at the Legal Care and Azad & Company, two reputed corporate law chambers situated at Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is known among the readers for his books & e-books. He has written some law text books. Among the books “পাওয়ার অব অ্যাটর্নি সম্পর্কিত আইন” is a book which is internationally recognized and positively criticized by many jurists. He is also the Editor of BiLD Law Journal (ISSN- 2518-6523). He is a regular column writer in various daily newspapers in Bangladesh. He dreams to develop the legal sector of Bangladesh in a high position. He has also a good familiarity in the literature arena of Bangladesh for practicing poem and short story. Several books on literature have also been published by his name. Besides his involvement in BiLD, currently he works as a Research & Development Associate at Azad & Company. He is known as a Drafting Master in corporate sector. His email address is
Md. Shimul Hossain
Associate Researcher
Md. Shimul Hossain completed LL.B and LL.M degree from Rajshahi University. After completing his LL.M degree, he joined as Assistant Researcher of BiLD on 07 December, 2016 and now he is working as Associate Researcher of BiLD. He is also Deputy Editor of BiLD law journal (ISSN- 2518-6523) which is a half-yearly printed journal. He has several publications relating to law published on renowned daily newspaper. He is interested to research in the field of Constitutional Law, Human Rights, Law of Sea and Criminal laws. Besides, he has great interest to make comparative discussion on any new law proposed by law making body for example benefits, loopholes and perfectibility of proposed law. He also scrutinizes how and which provision/provisions of present law should be amended for making it suitable for present and future context and for the welfare of general public. He offers free legal opinion to general public relating to any legal problem. He is very sincere with his research works and has a desire to participate in development of laws and legal system through his research works. His email address
Nazia Amin
Assistant Researcher
Nazia Amin has completed LL.B (hon's) from BRAC University and LL.M from Southeast University. She joined as Assistant Researcher of BiLD on 01 December, 2017. She is very much interested in legal research as this can help to gain lots of knowledge and it is essential for a practicing lawyer to conduct legal research. Without proper knowledge, it is not possible to practice in any particular area of law. She has several publications relating to law in various journals and academic newsletters and also has record of participation in several workshops and conferences on various topics of law. She is interested to research in the field of Constitutional Law, Human Rights Law and Environmental Law. Her email address is
Antara Bhattacharjee
Assistant Researcher
Antara Bhattacharjee completed her LL.B from BRAC University and LL.M from Southeast University. She joined BiLD on 13 March, 2018. Currently, she is serving as the Assistant Researcher there. Antara is very much enthusiastic regarding meritorious legal research since this is the appropriate way to critically investigate the reason behind enacting any law, its social and moral benefits and loopholes and suggesting further possible solution. Besides working in Sattar&Co. , Advocate Hasan and Associates and BRAC University, she has publication on International Court of Justice. She loves to take up the challenge to conduct research on sphere of arbitration, comparative law, intellectual property and civil law to develop understanding and extend knowledge. Apart from attending legal seminars and workshop regularly, she is concerned to take part in legal discussions with legal fraternity. Her email address is
A.N.M. Ashiqur Rahman Khan
Assistant Researcher
A.N.M. Ashiqur Rahman Khan is an Assistant Researcher at Bangladesh Institute of Legal Development (BiLD). He completed his LL.B from International Islamic University Chittagong and LL.M from University of Rajshahi. His research interest lies in constitutional law ranging from state policy to influence of constitution in development of legal system of countries. After completing LL.M, he started practicing at Rajshahi District Judge Court as apprentice lawyer. Besides academic study, Ashiq also maintains a blog where he writes features about history and science. Ashiq got married in 2018, and currently lives with his partner. He enjoys reading books at free time, and usually manages to read a book a month. His email address is