Copyright Infringement in Bangladeshi Cinema


Dr. Md. Nayem Alimul Hyder
Md. Aktarul Alam Chowdhury


Cinema, Cinematograph Act 1918, the Censorship of Films Act 1963, Copyright Act 2000


Cinema is a subject matter of copyright. Copyright is one kind of intellectual property. If cinema contains any copyright issues then Copyright Act 2000 is available. There are some objectives of the study, such as; to discuss the relationship between cinema and copyright, highlight the various laws on cinema and copyright protection, and analyse the current situation of copyright infringement of cinema in Bangladesh. Only secondary sources have been used during the time of the study. It‘s revealed from the study that in Bangladesh there is various sorts of challenges regarding copyright protection of cinema, such as; cinema making process, present cinema related laws, rules, policy, censorship system, film censor board etc. At last stage of the study some suggestions have been provided accordance with the findings.

Abstract 21