Assessing the Importance of Enacting Laws for Introducing Paternity Leave in Bangladesh


Talukdar Rasel Mahmud
Punam Chakrabarty


Paternity leave, Male employees, Job sectors, Baby care, Importance of enacting laws


Children being an important asset, proper effort and care should be made to them from the early days of their birth. This proper caring of children must be ensured by the parents for the betterment of their future. Active participation of both mother and father is needed for perfect growing of children. Most developed or industrialized nations have made paternity leave available to fathers in conjunction with childbirth. It increases father‘s involvement with their children. But father‘s participation in childcare is severely limited in developing countries. There is a significant connection between father‘s taking leave around the birth and involvement in the care of their babies and young children later. Bangladesh has no laws relating to paternity leave. This paper addresses the necessity of paternity leave in Bangladesh by making a comparative study of laws of different countries regarding the paternity leave as well as recommends enacting laws regarding paternity leave in Bangladesh.

Abstract 54