Regulatory ‘Tactics’ in the Regulation of Primary SACCOS’ Credit Advancement in Tanzania: Shifting the Paradigm


Rosemary Jotham Mukama


Smart Regulation, Better Regulation, Regulatory Techniques, Regulatory Approaches, Regulatory Incentives


Regulatory ̳tactics‘ in form of strategies, models, techniques, and approaches are devices towards regulatory goals and purposes. Regulation of Primary SACCOS‘ Credit Advancement (PSCA) in Tanzania embraces some of the regulatory ̳tactics‘. This learning- piece examine regulatory ̳tactics‘ embodied in the regulation of PSCA in Tanzania. It also illustrates regulatory ̳tactics‘ not embodied in the regulation of PSCA despite their key position in enabling regulators and the regulated to achieve their goals. According to the data gathered through library research, it is evident Better Regulation is a cross-cutting key regulatory ̳tactic‘. Nevertheless, it is not embraced by the regulation of PSCA in Tanzania. This is a regulatory-mishap that demands rectification through amendment of relevant laws to reform regulatory ̳tactics‘ by introducing Better Regulation. Introduction of Better Regulation is a paradigm shift as it redefines Self-Regulation, State Regulation, and Consolidated Regulation.

Abstract 111