Interrogating the National Industrial Court Strides towards Attaining Safe Workplace for Nigeria’s Female Workers


David Tarh-Akong Eyongndi
Dr. Chi.Johnny Okongwu


Discrimination, Employment Intimidation, NICN, Nigeria, Sexual Harassment


Female employees constitute part of the labour force in Nigeria and are regarded as part of the vulnerable group. This makes them to deserve special protection under domestic and international legal instruments. Despite the legal protection, they suffer various vices ranging from sexual harassment, work place victimization, chauvinist intimidation, lack of equal employment opportunities, career growth prospects, etc. Over the years, the National Industrial Court of Nigeria (NICN) has taking a protectionist stance at female employees‘ rights in Nigeria. This paper through doctrinal methodology, examines the extent which the NICN has advanced the frontiers of female employee‘s rights in Nigeria through its judgments. It highlights domestic and international legal instruments on the protection of female employees in Nigeria and identify the gender gaps in the domestic laws. The paper found out that the NICN has recognized the depravity of female employees in Nigeria and has through judicial activism, struck down several vicious employment practices against female employees. However, the inadequacy and obsoleteness of the domestic laws, level of compliance by employers with these judgments is poor, and there is lack of awareness. The paper concludes by making vital recommendations towards solving the identified problems.

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