Student Politics: Legal Status, Contemporary Trends and Projection of Its Prospective Re-emergence in Bangladesh


Md. Sohel Rana
Sakib Shami


Student Politics, Legality Checks, Bangladesh Politics, Political Conflict, Political Culture


A society‘s typical mode is that it often engages in partitioning; differences based on race, sex, age, economy and group identity are some of the main nuances between one and the other. When it comes to understanding social change, youth is one of the distinct social identities that tend to attract a great deal of attention. Youth participation in social life and decision-making is vital for the development of the society in which they live; their imagination, ideals, and energies are vital for the development of the society in which they live. The importance of students‘ political participation is well documented in Bangladesh‘s national history. The absence of the memento in modern society and culture has led to a loss of hope among the most active and enthusiastic members of society. This paper investigates the legal status of youth political activism, participation in the decision-making process, and the cause of hope degeneration, with a focus on the matter‘s near-term horizon. Despite the fact that this is not a comprehensive study, it will undoubtedly provide a framework in light of the current generation‘s ambitious and courageous statements.

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