Mr. Saeed Ahsan Khalid

Assistant Professor of Law
Chittagong University
Chittagong, Bangladesh

Executive Editor
BiLD Law Journal (ISSN 2518-6523)
Major Editing Areas: Family Law and Human Rights

Mr. Saeed Ahsan Khalid is currently working as an Assistant Professor of Law at University of Chittagong. He accomplished specialized LL.M. degree on International and Comparative Law from Department of Law, University of Dhaka. Before joining University of Chittagong, he had a long track of law-teaching experience in multiple leading private Universities of Bangladesh which include Daffodil International University (DIU), Green University of Bangladesh (GUB) and BGC Trust University Bangladesh in distinct teaching positions.  He worked as an Adjunct Faculty at Bangladesh Military Academy (BMA) and taught International Law to the Officer Cadets of Bangladesh Army for a prolonged tenure. As a Guest Lecturer and invited speaker he lectured extensively in distinct platforms including different Universities, Institutes and Organizations in Bangladesh.


Mr. Saeed Ahsan Khalid is an inquisitive legal researcher and a prolific writer. Many of his research articles got published in accredited Law Journals and leading daily newspapers. He has authored two books namely- Ainer Ayna (2019) and Screenshot (2020) which received wide readership in legal community and beyond. He is currently working as Honorary Executive Editor of Bangladesh Institute of Legal Development (BiLD) Law Journal.


Mr. Saeed worked as a Technical Expert in a project titled- Inter University Anti-Terrorism Law Clinic-Chittagong, Bangladesh under the grant of USAID’s Obirodh: Road to Tolerance Program during 2018-2019. He worked as an Associate Researcher & Evaluator in a research project titledEnhancing Good Governance, Human Rights Protection and Law Enforcement Situation in Security Agencies and Criminal Justice Actors in Nepal which was jointly organized by Kathmandu School of Law (KSL) and Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR), held in Nepal on 2017. In 2015 Mr. Saeed worked as a co-evaluator in a research project titled- Evaluation Report on Integrated Community Development Project (ICDP) – Khagrachari, Chittagong, Bangladesh which was organized by Caritas, Bangladesh. He also participated and presented papers in many national and international conferences, seminars and workshops.


Mr. Saeed is proactively involved in diversified extra- curricular, voluntary and charitable activities. He is a regular host and discussant at Ain O Jibon– a TV shows in Bangladesh Television- Chittagong Centre. He dynamically led Prothom- alo Bondhusava- Chittagong University- one of the top youth organizations of the country as a President for consecutive two terms. Mr. Saeed served Bidyanondo Foundation– a pioneering voluntary organization providing better education for the underprivileged children in Bangladesh as its Education Secretary. Mr. Saeed is passionately interested in travelling and trekking the trails.  He is an Advisor to Chittagong University Adventure Club (CUAC) and a key member of Adventure Club of Chittagong (ACC).