Mr. Sazzad Alam

Lecturer of Law & Human Rights
University of Development Alternative (UODA)
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Lead Articles Editor
BiLD Law Journal (ISSN 2518-6523)
Editing Areas: Environmental Law and Juvenile Delinquency


Mr. Sazzad Alam is currently serving as Lecturer at Department of Law and Human Rights, University of Development Alternative (UODA), Bangladesh. Previously, he worked for Save the Children Australia (Part Time) and Coles, Australia. Mr. Alam completed LL.B (Hon’s) from BRAC University and then pursued MSS (Masters in Criminology and Criminal Justice) from University of Dhaka. He completed his LLM on Environmental Law from MACQUARIE University, Sydney, Australia. For outstanding performance and being Second in LL.M class, he was awarded ‘MACQUARIE University Vice Chancellor Scholarship for International Students’. He published more than three journal articles from different international and national reputed publishing houses. He is the instructor of Criminology and Environmental Law at UODA. Mr. Alam’s research interest includes Environmental Law and Juvenile Delinquency. Now a days he is concentrated on writing a book named ‘Simplified Criminology for Students’.