Ms. Sharaban Tahura Zaman

Lecturer of Environmental Law
North South University (NSU)
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Executive Editor
BiLD Law Journal

Ms. Sharaban Tahura Zaman, is an environmental lawyer and academic based in Bangladesh, working to promote environmental and climate justice. Currently, she is serving as a full-time environmental law lecturer of the Department of Law (DoL); and Department of Environmental Science & Management (ESM) at the North South University. She is also serving as a senior research fellow with the Centre for Climate justice- Bangladesh (CCJ-B). Ms. Zaman is a Chevening Scholar and completed her specialized LL.M in ‘Global Environment & Climate Change Law’ at the University of Edinburgh, UK. Ms. Zaman, is also a member of the Legal Research Group (LRG), Centre for International Sustainable Development Law (CISDL), Canada with a particular research interest in climate change and development. She is also involved with the UN climate change negotiation process from 2012.

With the support from IIED, from 2017 Ms. Zaman started climate negotiations as a government delegate on the ‘compliance’ and ‘mitigation’ issues on behalf of LDCs Climate Negotiators Group. Currently, she is serving as a legal advisor of the LDCs Group member of the “Paris Agreement Compliance Committee”. Ms. Zaman is keen to work on climate justice utilizing laws and policies as a tool. Particularly, her interest in working areas includes Low Carbon Development, climate-induced displacement, NDC, market-mechanism, human rights, and gender.