BiLD Law Journal always publishes all of its issues in three different version or medium (print, online and CD-ROM) and accordingly the journal has three different ISSN number. Primarily CIEPS had assigned us a provisional ISSN Number for only print version in early 2016 and, after publishing two issues successfully, the journal managed to secure a permanent ISSN number for the print version. In the meantime, the journal continued to publish online version and for the first time in 2018 it launched CD-ROM version. For both of these medium too, BiLD Law Journal gradually secured ISSN number. 

As per recommendation of CIEPS, BiLD Law Journal always places p-ISSN in the upper right corner of its cover. For online version, it is used on the homepage or on the main menu and for CD-ROM version on visible part of the disc.

Alongside Linking ISSN, the ISSN numbers which BiLD Law Journal carries now are as follow: 

ISSN-L 2518-6523
Online Medium: ISSN 2523-1618
Print Medium: ISSN 2518-6523
CD-ROM Medium: ISSN 2523-1626

For checking the ISSN print version you can google here, or yahoo here, or even directly visit ISSN portal by clicking here

For checking the ISSN ID certificate of BiLD Law Journal, you can click here.


A DOI is a Digital Object Identifier. That is a Digital Identifier of an Object, not an Identifier of a Digital Object.


A DOI can be assigned to any Object. An object can be anything you want to manage: a piece of online content in a particular version, or a related object, such as an author or a party to an agreement; or a physical asset, a DVD or an item of equipment, for example.


DOIs can be assigned at different levels of granularity to suit differing needs, e.g. a collection, a book, a table within the book, the related source data for the table etc. When assigning DOIs, the registrant links metadata with an appropriate level of detail to identify a separate entity within the DOI system.


BiLD Law Journal has already applied for assignment of DOI. Soon each paper of the journal will be labelled a DOI.