Md. Shimul Hossain


Md. Shimul Hossain completed LL.B and LL.M degree from Rajshahi University. After completing his LL.M degree, he joined as Assistant Researcher of BiLD on 07 December, 2016 and now he is working as a Researcher of BiLD. He is also Deputy Editor of BiLD law journal (ISSN- 2518-6523) which is a half-yearly printed journal. He has several publications relating to law published on renowned daily newspaper.

He is interested to research in the field of Constitutional Law, Human Rights, Law of Sea and Criminal laws. Besides, he has great interest to make comparative discussion on any new law proposed by law making body for example benefits, loopholes and perfectibility of proposed law. He also scrutinizes how and which provision/provisions of present law should be amended for making it suitable for present and future context and for the welfare of general public. He offers free legal opinion to general public relating to any legal problem.

He is very sincere with his research works and has a desire to participate in development of laws and legal system through his research works.