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BiLD Law Journal (ISSN-L 2518-6523) is a comparative legal research platform. The journal welcomes contributions from the scholars, researchers, practitioners, policy makers, etc all over the world to develop legal philosophies and ideas. It endeavours to foster the legal development by composing of enormous volume of original research works. It is a double blind peer-reviewed journal and is printed (alongwith online & CD ROM version) twice annually.

Vol. 7 No. 2s (2022): Special Issue: Philosophy of Law : Historical and Contemporary Perspectives(In Press)

Edited By: Ms. Carmen G. Gonzalez, JD

Dear Colleagues,

This Special Issue of BILD LAW Journal, “Philosophy of Law : Historical and Contemporary Perspectives”, provides a forum for the discussion of core issues in the philosophy of law  from both historical and contemporary perspectives. In this way, the editors hope to promote debate on fundamental questions concerning law from a scientific–theoretical perspective.  

Published: 2022-10-15

Provisions Of Renewable Energy Contracts: A Comparative Study

Karrar Maher Kadim, Hassan Dakel Abd Radhi, Alaa Falih Mutar, Ali Kadhim Aswad

67 - 74

Criminal Responsibility in Press Freedom of Cyber Media

Rudy, Judhariksawan, Nur Azisa, Maskun

75 - 82

Is Neutral Review Objectively Rated? The Influence Of E-Wom On Online Product Purchase With Social And Physical Risks

Resekiani Mas Bakar, Soraya Yusuf Seknun, Husnul Khotimah, Lukman Nadjamuddin

83 - 94

Covid-19 Stimulus: Risk Mitigation in Banking Credit Restructuring

Andi Suci Wahyuni, Farida Patittingi, Amaliyah, Ahsan Yunus

95 - 101

Code of Democracy: Need for Adoption and General Shapes

Alexander Vitalievich Pogodin, Andrey Vladimirovich Putintsev, Eduard Vladimirovich Krasnov

146 - 152

Covid-19 Challenges and Bankruptcy Proceedings (Novelties and Changes in Bankruptcy Laws of Some European Countries and Russia)

Leysan Minnurovna Fayzrakhmanova, Sergei Vladimirovich Bukhmin, Oleg Stanislavovich Belosludtsev

153 - 159

Criminal, Legal, Procedural and Forensic Means of Charity Fraud Control

Igor Olegovich Antonov, Andrey Yurievich Verin, Evgenievna Klyukova, Julia A. Krokhina

160 - 164

Defender Activities on Presenting the Opinion of Expert in Criminal Cases

Alexander Yuryevich Epikhin, Oleg Alexandrovich Zaitsev, Larisa Gennadievna Tatyanina, Andrey Viktorovich Mishin

165 - 170

Development And Problems of Applying a Class Action

Anas Gaptraufovich Nuriev, Iliza Aidarovna Galiakberova, Lyasan Damirovna Valeeva

171 - 174

Expert Discourse on The State Migration Policy in Modern Russia

Denis Ivanovich Igonin, Ruslan Faritovich Garipov, Alexey Viktorovich Saldin

175 - 179

Institutional Design of Responsibility of Russian Governors

Ruslan Faritovich Garipov, Denis Ivanovich Igonin

180 - 183

Legal Bases of Preimplantation Diagnostics in Russia and Abroad (A New Look At The Human Rights System)

Leysan Minnurovna Fayzrakhmanova, Almaz Albertovich Nigmetzyanov, Georgy Borisovich Romanovsky, OLGA Valentinovna Romanovskaya

184 - 189

State Regulation of Migration Policy in the Republic of Tajikistan

Lenar Nailevich Safiullin, Ramazon Ismatovich Sarkhatov

198 - 205

The Importance of Substantive Law Norms for Legal Guarantee System Development

Damir Khamitovich Valeev, Anas Gaptraufovich Nuriev, Nikita Nikolaevich Makolkin

213 - 215

The Principle of Academic Freedom and Its Peculiarities in the Context of Globalization

Valeev Damir Khamitovich, Roman A. Romashov, Dmitry A. Lipinsky, Elena G. Rakova

216 - 222

Transformation of the right to privacy in the context of the development of digital technologies

Evgeniy Batyrovich Sultanov, Georgy Borisovich Romanovsky, Rifat Rasimovich Kil’deev

223 - 228

Human Rights Of Workers With Disabilities Under Vietnam Law – Comparison With Laws Of Some Other Countries

Vu Thi Bich Hai, Phan Thong Anh , Le Ho Trung Hieu , Doan Kim Van Quynh

292 - 299

Legislations Organize Political Action and Party Transformation in Jordan for The Year 2022

Mohammad Ahmad Nayef Alakash, mus'ab Adel Mahmoud Makableh, Ali Jabbar Salih, Mohammad Saleh Bani Issa

307 - 314

Improving policy and law on employment for people with disabilities in Vietnam

LLM. Pham Thi Huong Giang, Dr. Nguyễn Thu Hương

409 - 416

Application of Scenario Analysis for Diagnostics of Enterprise Bankruptcy

Liliya Bagramovna Sungatullina , Konstantin Sergeevich Butyaev , Marat Bagramovich Sungatullin

435 - 441

Development of Standardization and Technical Regulation in the Eurasian Economic Union

Liliya Raisovna Fakhrutdinova, Boris Mojshevich Eidelman, Oleg Aleksandrovich Bunakov, Gulnara Faridovna Valeeva, Anna Mikhailovna Naуda

442 - 447

Newspaper Headline as a Tool in the Formation OF Public Opinion (Based On Spanish and Russian)

Liliya Gumarovna Gazizova, Anna Ilinichna Noskova, Liliya Amiryanovna Nefedova

448 - 452

The Features Of Assessment Of The State Social Policy And The Income Of The Population In The Modern Economy Of Russia

Tina Muratovna Vakhitova, Landysh Adgamovna Gadelshina, Liliya Fuatovna Garifova, Liliya Fuatovna Garifova,

453 - 462

The Administrative Law Enforcement on Coal Reclamation Obligations Violations in Indonesia

Muhammad Bagus Adi Wicaksono, I Gusti Ketut Rachmi Handayani, Lego Karjoko

463 - 468

Small Scale Mining by Local Communities: Measuring Progress Towards a Sustainable Environment

Donna Okthalia Setiabudhi, Toar Neman Palilingan, Irwansyah, Toar Kamang Ronald Palilingan, Hamid Awaluddin

469 - 473

Law And Its Influential Role for Strategic Leadership in Managing Security Crises in Iraq

Youssef Habeeb Saleh Ali, Asst. Prof. Dr. Dina Mohammed Jabr

506 - 517

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