The Impact of Patient Satisfaction on the Civil Liability of a Plastic Surgeon in the Saudi Law

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Dr. Aisha Mohamed Ismail Elamin


This study intends to demonstrate the impact of patient satisfaction on the legal responsibility of the plastic surgeon and to determine the implications of civil liability in case of a medical error or breach of duty, especially after the huge medical sector development. The study will explain the scope of the plastic surgeon's commitment and the regulations linked to the civil liability of the doctor regarding cosmetic works in the Saudi System. It will also determine who is responsible for patient damage to ensure the body's safety and life. The study found that plastic surgery has become one of the most common surgeries and that the laws, regulations, and bylaws related to the human medical profession in Saudi Arabia do not set rules for plastic surgery but rather state the duties and obligations of the doctor and the ethics and conditions of its practice. Plastic surgery requires a definition, types, regulations, and legislation as a medical profession. Cosmetic surgery satisfaction is unique since it is not an emergency procedure. Thus the patient's contentment does not remove the doctor's error. The study recommended that the law of medical and health responsibility stipulate that the doctor's commitment to the patient in cosmetic work is to achieve the objective and not to care. Plastic surgery should be tailored with particular guidelines, and doctors should be required to disclose all dangers and side effects. To acquire explicit permission, a plastic surgeon must tell the patient of all conceivable, implausible, and unusual hazards.

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