Lack of Differentiation in Legal Rules

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Dr. Abbas Ali Salman
Dr. Yasir Amir Hassan


The notion of a lack of differentiation between jus cogens and other norms is based on the emergence and definition of the legal norm. Several theories have emerged that justify the emergence of legal norms in terms of their compulsory nature and the strength of their influence. They have been divided into different legal norms, including jus cogens and the Organization, other related to public order with similar labels. And in our view there is no justification for this division, and we see that legal rules are one legal rule from their origin to their abolition and invalidity. Not every rule of law has its own specificity, but all characteristics are common to it. No rule can have its own features, but all rules have one of the reasons, however different the nomenclature may differ, are jus cogens and must never be contravened.


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Salman, D. A. A. ., & Hassan, D. Y. A. . (2022). Lack of Differentiation in Legal Rules. BiLD Law Journal, 7(2), 58–72. Retrieved from (Original work published November 20, 2022)