Women Civil Servant Official Versus Administrative Court Lawsuit: Mental Resistance or Mental Disorder?

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Lanny Ramli
Aries Saputro


Governments exercising their authority may cause adverse legal penalty for individuals and society. The existence of equal rights to work and equality before law and government between women and men implies that women have the right to be officials in government. On the other hand, women who are positioned as officials can be prosecuted. Thus, the plaintiff and the defendant must submit and comply with the contents of the verdict. The decision and implementation of these things turned out to disturb the peace of work of female officials because, in essence, female officials do not want any defects in the course of their careers. The study described the types and strategies of women state administration officials in the face of lawsuits in court. The purpose of the study was to describe the profiles of female officials in state governance and their attitudes to dealing with lawsuits. The study used theories on human rights, principles of equality before the law, gender equality, justice, achievement of sustainable development goals, responsive law, and progressive law. In-depth interviews accompanied the technique of collecting data through questionnaires by involving some female officials from various agencies, such as schools, sub-districts, Population and Civil Records Office of Surabaya City, and Sidoarjo Provincial Government at the Regional Development Planning Agency in East Flores. The subjects studied were women who served as state administrative officials, both who had been sued and never. The final result that this study was the availability of data on women state administrative officials who had been sued or never been sued in the research area of Surabaya, Sidoarjo, and Larantuka East Flores. In conclusion, the compliance of female officials to the court's decision. Women's officials viewed the lawsuit as a lesson that warned them to work more carefully in carrying out their obligations to make good governance.

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Ramli, L. ., & Saputro, A. . (2022). Women Civil Servant Official Versus Administrative Court Lawsuit: Mental Resistance or Mental Disorder?. BiLD Law Journal, 7(2), 73–84. Retrieved from https://bildbd.com/index.php/blj/article/view/257 (Original work published November 20, 2022)