Philosophy Of The Legality Of The Use Of Dogs In Psychotherapy

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AlMuqbil Mohammed Muqbil N


At present, psychotherapy has become a necessity in life. Islamic Sharia takes care of people suffering from mental illnesses by referring them to medication in the hope that they will recover from it. Modern applied studies and researchers have focused on studying different groups of people with mental illnesses to diagnose their condition and find ways to help them overcome it through therapeutic medication or therapy with pets, especially dogs. The present study is based on two studies by Janet Kemp and Robert Bossarte and Moretti, Francesca, as well as on the comprehensive classification carried out by the "Liverpool Institute" on a wide range of applied studies on psychiatric patients. These studies concluded that dogs are psychotherapists and not treatment providers. The positive effects generally observed in the studies are special cases that cannot be compared to others, and the human environment plays an important role in determining the effectiveness of therapy with dogs or pets. With respect to the Islamic Sharia, it permitted that people can own dogs when they need them, but a person with a mental illness should look for other ways to recover rather than relying solely on pet therapy, as there are many other medical options.


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