Legal Responsibility Arising from Intellectual Property in The Age of Artificial Intelligence

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Dr. Jehad Qwaider


The tremendous development in the field of information revolution -in the modern world-has led to have new copyright infringement through the digital environment. Therefore, there had to be a revolution in law to standing against the information revolution to put a limit for the copyright infringement in the digital environment. Also, it has become necessary to resort to new protection techniques which are presented in more effective technology arrangements by the writers to form a strong deterrent for any kind of copyright infringement. This will enable them to have control over their workbooks and prevent others to reach them, unless they are authorized. The technology development has led to have new technical means that revoke the arrangements set by the writers, and as a result having free of charge workbooks. Thus, this study manifests the extent of confrontation of the Federal Law No. 7 of 2002 of copyrighting against the cases of evading the technical protection used by the copywriters, and the extent of its harmony with the provisions of the international con inventions, specially the first internet treaty (WIPO Copyright Treaty-1996) and the second internet treaty Performance and Phonograms Treaty-1996).


The great development in the field of information technology has had a tremendous impact in all walks of life, but it has created challenges that differ in nature from those that existed before the invention of the Internet. Issues arising from copyright and associated with modern technology, including the Internet


Through this research, the researcher will deal with the legal protection of technical measures in the digital environment in accordance with the UAE law in the first topic, and the international protection framework in the second topic

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The importance of this study lies in the fact that it deals with the issue of making copyright available in the digital environment in accordance with UAE law. The emergence of digital works has led to the necessity of establishing controls to protect copyright and neighboring rights from various aspects of infringement, and then this study came to present a perception of the violations and to reveal ways of Providing protection for these rights, whether in the UAE law or international conventions, as the ease of piracy acts in the digital environment has led to the loss of the rights of authors, whether literary or financial, and the author faces great difficulties in protecting his right.


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