A Study of Procedural Offenses in Modern Legal Science

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Damir Khamitovich Valeev
Renat Rafaelievich Dolotin


The law strengthens social relations and creates mutual trust, as the primary cornerstone for the development of human talents. Without law, there is no society and no progress. It is obvious that problems and conflicts arise in social life due to conflict of interests. In order to solve and prevent the reoccurrence of these problems and to determine the powers and rights of each member of the society, human beings established laws. The necessity of rule of law and legalism has always been considered since the beginning of human life. Throughout history, people have tried to establish law and rule it in order to create order in society or other purposes. However, human experience has shown that throughout history, human laws have not been very successful in creating a law-abiding society that will ensure the all-round happiness of mankind, and the executors of these laws are also required to protect the privacy of the law and act on it they have not been successful. The purpose of the study is to identify the elements and signs of a procedural offense body on the basis of the general concept of "offence elements", focusing on the most controversial aspects of its concept. In the process of research, the authors used the formal-legal method of scientific knowledge, the dialectical method, as well as the logical methods of analysis and synthesis, deduction and induction, the ascent from the concrete to the abstract. The Authors analyze such elements of a procedural offense body as an object, an objective aspect, a subject and a subjective aspect. Particular attention is paid to the characteristics of the subject, their classification, as well as the forms of guilt of procedural offenses. As the study result, conclusions are drawn about a procedural offense concept and its body; about characteristics of an object and its classification, as well as about the varieties of procedural offense subjects.

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