Legal Issues of Vocabulary Classification in French Literature

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Maksim Andreevich Dontsov
Valentina Nikolaevna Vassilieva
Gulnara Irekovna Galeeva
Cеcile Leblanc


There are certain legal rules for the classification of letters in literature. Due to the importance of the issue, it is necessary to address the legal issues of this issue. In the country's constitution, the issue of literature, language and other details have been discussed. According to the constitution, the article presents the results of a study of the classifications of onomatopoeic words in the French language. The classification of onomatopoeic lexis in French today represents an extensive field for research. Now, three principles of classification of onomatopoeic words in French are known. This is a thematic principle, a structural and orthographic principle, as well as the principle of productivity of onomatopoeic words, which is being developed at the Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication of the Kazan Federal University. Research in the field of onomatopoeia is devoted to the search for the status of onomatopoeic lexis in the system of language and speech, the origin of this category of lexis, a comparative analysis of onomatopes in different languages, however, there remains a large unexplored field of onomatopoeic capabilities in the formation of various parts of speech on their basis. This study is aimed at weakening the contradiction, which consists in the real ability of onomatopoeic words to form new vocabulary and the lack of theoretical substantiation of the productivity of onomatopoeic vocabulary. In this study, the onomatopoeic lexis was analyzed from the standpoint of its word-formation potential. The study was carried out on the basis of corpus lexis composed of dictionaries of onomatopoeic words, an author's selection of fictional works by French authors, as well as magazines and comics. The analysis of the corpus was carried out using the methods of mathematical statistics which, in combination with quantitative calculation, made it possible to obtain a reliable result. Also, the lexical and spelling features of the words of each part of speech were identified, which reflects the process of suffixation in the French language as one of the important ways of word formation. The results of the study indicate the productivity of onomatopoeic words in the French language.

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Dontsov , M. A. ., Vassilieva, V. N. ., Galeeva, G. I. ., & Leblanc, C. . (2022). Legal Issues of Vocabulary Classification in French Literature. BiLD Law Journal, 7(3s), 55–60. Retrieved from