Consumer Rights Protection Law in the National Economy: Trends and Problems

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Ismagilova Gulnara Nailevna
Shirinova Raima Khakimovna
Bagautdinova Nailya Gumerovna
Sakhbieva Amina Ildarovna


Consumer rights are one of the issues that are seriously supported by the legislator and even in some cases, criminal punishment may be considered for it. In Iran, according to the consumer rights protection law, manufacturers have duties such as providing a warranty, having a representative, affixing price tags, etc., so that consumer rights are respected and the market is in a more favorable state. Consumers are one of the groups that the legislator considers their duty to protect; Because producers, having capital and production power, can overshadow the prices and quality of products through monopoly and then overshadow the rights of consumers. The specificity of rational, restrainedly rational and irrational economic behavior of individuals and companies at the present stage of development of economic processes is highlighted in this article. It is shown that the provision of rational forms of consumer behavior of different groups of economic entities as dominant is one of the strategic tasks of the state socio-economic policy, including the policy of education and upbringing of individuals (financial literacy, education of altruism, the priority of spiritual consumption over material consumption, etc.)  At the same time, rational consumer behavior can be formed taking into account the classification criteria we have added - this kind of consumer behavior is usually justified, integrated, legal and socially constructive. The paper examines the features of the development of consumer behavior in the framework of the most typical foreign models, such as the American, German, Japanese, South Korean, Brazilian, Chinese and North Korean models. The stability of this kind of consumer behavior models to negative changes caused by the pandemic crisis of 2020-2021 was assessed in an enlarged manner. A comparative analysis of the intensity of consumer behavior at the individual, corporate and state levels in the indicated countries with the national economy of the Russian Federation (2020) is carried out. It has been proved that an increase in the level of transparency of the state's economic system, a steady decrease in the significance of corruption risk are significant factors in the rationalization of consumer behavior in the field of state and municipal orders.


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Nailevna, I. G. ., Khakimovna, S. R. ., Gumerovna, B. N. ., & Ildarovna, S. A. . (2022). Consumer Rights Protection Law in the National Economy: Trends and Problems. BiLD Law Journal, 7(3s), 85–90. Retrieved from