Laws for the Protection of Artistic Property Rights In Design Activities in the Development of "Virtus" Stage Costumes Collection

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Timur Rashitovich Kadyirov
Lyajsan Habibulhakovna Kadyjrova
Liliya Rinatovna Mukhametzyanova


The legal importance of artistic works and the protection of the material and spiritual rights of creators are not hidden from anyone. However, it is difficult and even impossible to provide a logical definition and rule of recognition for these works and their examples. Art is at the core of the creative industries, and the entire activities of these industries are categorized based on how they relate to artistic property rights. Today's topics of the global art market are not only the buying and selling of works of art as assets, but also the buying and selling of copyrights and royalties. In fact, the global art business is divided into two parts: tangible capital assets (works of art) and intangible (property rights), and it is interesting to note that the income from the sale of intangible assets is more. Currently, contemporary art is considered the most important art form in the world of art, and due to its unique characteristics, it has brought serious challenges to many related sciences, including artistic property rights. These challenges have become more acute due to the special situation of the country. The main function of a modern stage costume is symbolic, because it is designed and manufactured specifically for performance or performer (collective or individual artist) and it is one of the most important elements in creating a holistic and expressive image.


 The process of creating a new product, including clothing, can be conventionally represented in the form of the following scheme: analysis of demand and existing analogues - planning - design - production - replication - distribution - consumption. At the initial stage of creative activity, the designer studies the needs of a person and society. After a deep analysis, he passes the obtained data through his imagination and transforms it into objective forms and images. The article discusses the experience of developing and including educational material in the process of professional training of designers, which involves the design and implementation of a series of stage costumes commissioned by a dance group. The article describes the stages of the work carried out to create the “Virtus” stage costumes collection.

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