Legal Conditions of Information Conflicts Involving the People's Republic of China in the Xxi Century

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Alikberova Alfiya Rafisovna
Balakin Dmitriy Aleksandrovich
Alikberov Eduard Shabanovich


Today, virtual space and social networks have become an integral part of the lives of the people of the world. Therefore, legal issues related to this field are of special importance. Many people in the society provide a significant part of the news and information they need through this virtual space. For this reason, the correctness of the published news is of great importance. Nevertheless, there are profit-seeking people who abuse these facilities and the space available to them and publish false and incorrect information. Therefore, by passing laws, the legislator has criminalized the act of publishing lies, especially the publication of lies in cyberspace, and has determined criminal penalties for the perpetrators. The presented work is devoted to the topic of information wars and conflicts involving the People's Republic of China as an important actor in the international stage of the XXI century. The study analyzes numerous forms of information conflicts, their goals, tools, methods, and patterns. The subject of the research is also aspects of modern information security of the People's Republic of China in the context of participation in information conflicts; the practice of protection from the information influence of dominant players in the global information field. The main goal of the work is to study in detail the current information conflicts with the direct participation of the People's Republic of China. The methodological basis of the study was general humanitarian research methods: comparative-historical and generalization methods, which allowed us to draw reliable conclusions. The presented work will be of interest to practitioners of international relations, historians and political scientists, as well as teachers of educational programs related to international relations and information security.

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Rafisovna, A. A. ., Aleksandrovich, B. D. ., & Shabanovich, A. E. . (2022). Legal Conditions of Information Conflicts Involving the People’s Republic of China in the Xxi Century. BiLD Law Journal, 7(3s), 116–120. Retrieved from