Limology and “Mending Walls”: Legal Issues, Significance and Ambiguity in Socio-Political Discourse

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Ildar Gabdrashitovich Akhmetzyanov
Narkiz Kamilevich Mullagaliev
Almira Kadyrovna Garayeva


In a place, we can talk about political parties when the party system is institutionalized and political parties become a part of the political system and find a legal position. In other words, the existence of parties is a necessary condition for the realization of political parties, but it is not a sufficient condition. In order to reach stable political parties, various fields are necessary, among which the legal and economic foundations have received less attention. The article comprises significance and ambiguity in social and political discourse. The given article deals with the border issues and actually, border studies play important part in the political, social and cross-border interactions for a great number of people. Different approaches to borders according to its practical relevance are examined in the article, and it is discussed what may be done to make border studies efficient of causing possible practical results. Although border study is a matter of significance for a great amount of people, modern border research is little concerned in revealing practical decisions. It is difficult to find a necessary stability between defending borders against undesirable flows crossing border and inspiring advantageous cross-border cooperation. “Border studies during the past decade has been characterized by a crossing of disciplinary borders, bringing together geographers, political scientists, sociologists, anthropologists, historians, literary scholars, legal experts, along with border practitioners engaged in the practical aspects of boundary demarcation, delimitation and management” [1]. Nowadays many scientists are interested in political limology. The growing interest in political limology can only partly be explained by global changes in the world of politics and communication technology. It is also important that the perception of these changes occur against the background of the growing influence of postmodern thinking in science, culture and human society. This article is submitted to the allegorical level, much as in one of the famous Robert Frost’s poems called “Mending Wall”. The author explores the results that those measures have achieved, and the tactics of using the idea of the wall construction.


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Akhmetzyanov, I. G. ., Mullagaliev, N. K. ., & Garayeva, A. K. . (2022). Limology and “Mending Walls”: Legal Issues, Significance and Ambiguity in Socio-Political Discourse. BiLD Law Journal, 7(3s), 131–138. Retrieved from