Medical terminology in the legal And Political Discourse of the English language

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Svetlana Sergeevna Bodnar
Galina Sergeevna Yatsenko


Approaches such as legal linguistics, legal medicine, legal psychology, legal pathology and legal chemistry together with the branch of "legal science" have created in the scientific and judicial circles of European and American countries. Legal linguistic analysis is a process of matching stylistic similarities in different legal documents with each other and then valuing the aspects of similarity based on the distinctions and frequency of examples. He says, of course, such an analysis does not necessarily guarantee the identification of the author of a distorted, nameless, or fake or pseudonymous document. In his opinion, the results of linguistic analysis can play a significant role in determining and proving the author of the document by providing evidence, but it cannot identify other possible authors. acquit those who could have been involved in falsifying the document. The relevance of the research is in the constant interest in the concept of discourse in linguistic science, in identifying the characteristic features of its content. The subject of consideration is “the language in the media format”, that is, the language, the features of which are motivated by its functioning in the media environment, in the conditions of “forced mediatization” of all spheres of life and society. The increasing awareness of people in the medical business in connection with the development of the Internet indicates that it is not crucial to have in-depth knowledge of the medical field to understand medical terms in public policy texts.  The present paper is focused on the integrated approach to investigation of functioning of medical terms in social and political discourse based on the material of the English media. Based on the analysis of articles, it was concluded that the main features of medical terminology in socio-political texts include the implementation of expressive, evaluative and attractive functions. Moreover, these functions can be combined, complementing each other, to achieve the best effect.

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