Public Law Activities of Fatih Husni: Problems and Genres

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Dina Reshitovna Sabirzyanova
Tagir Shamsegalievich Gilazov
Flera Sagitovna Sayfulina


In one division, the science of law is divided into private law and public law. But the subject of private rights is primarily the individual, but the subject of public rights is the society as a whole. Public law mostly consists of mandatory rules, and coercion and one-sidedness on the part of public authorities play the first role in it. From another point of view, it can be said: the body of society is made up of two pillars: the rulers and the ruled. Private law regulates the relations between rulers and public law considers the relations between rulers and ruled. In the past, this field was called "Political Law", this name is self-explanatory of the subject of this field. From the title "Political Law" the very close connection of this field of law with political science is clear. So it can be said: public law is a field of law that looks at political phenomena and examines it, and since it is law, it is obvious that it examines political issues and political institutions legally. The article is devoted to the study of the journalistic activity of the famous Tatar writer, publicist and playwright Fatih Husni (1908-1996). The identification of genre features and sanctified problems’ spectrum of the journalistic heritage of the author is the subject of the presented research. F. Khusni’s activities in the field of journalism is poorly distributed and poorly studied, since his journalistic articles continue to remain in the archives of the magazine "Soviet Literature" (the modern name of the magazine "Lights of Kazan"). To date, there are no scientific works devoted to the analysis of the genre system and the problems of journalistic activity of F. Husni, which is the relevance and novelty of the work. The first journalistic materials of the researched author were published in the 1930s. He followed the literary process, regularly expressed his attitude to the trends in the development of literature, noticing literary finds, creative successes, as well as shortcomings in the literary and aesthetic searches of individual writers. The creative peak of the writer in the field of journalism and literary criticism can be considered his activity in the 1960s-1980s. The paper analyzes a dozen journalistic articles representing the peculiarity, thematic and genre diversity of F. Husni 's activities. in this area. In the conclusion of the article, the authors made evidence-based conclusions about the activities of F. Husni in the field of Tatar publicism, about his contribution to the enrichment of its genre system, the expansion of the subject. The use of the principle of historicism in close connection with comparative historical, typological and analytical research methods made it possible to reveal the genre system, identify the features of the writer's publicistic heritage and draw conclusions about his contribution to the development of Tatar journalism.

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