Legal Issues of the Ecosystem Model on the Efficiency of Financial and Monetary Banks

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Nadia Mikhailovna Sabitova
Mikhail Vitalyevich Leonov
Chulpan Mansurovna Shavaleyeva


The developments in today's world, followed by the large volume of economic transactions and the formulation of various monetary and banking laws and regulations, have resulted in various legal issues. The initial transactions between humans were goods for goods, and in the later stage, money was invented, and diversity in this financial relationship became more colorful. Today, in just a few seconds, a large amount of money and credit documents are transferred or converted from one point to another point in the world and from one bank to another through information technology systems, which indicates the value of money. Banks today offer a wide range of services and have moved away from their original role of simply keeping money. Therefore, the legal issues of banks should be investigated. The banking ecosystem provides complex integrated products of banking and non-banking services and relies on the digital platform as a uniform operational and interaction environment. This study proposes a nonparametric data envelopment analysis for examining the efficiency of banking ecosystems. The data from a total of 93 Russian banks are used in this study. We used Tobit regression to estimate the effect of the bank-level variables on the derived banking efficiency. The results exhibit that throughout the study banking ecosystems demonstrate higher efficiency compared to banks with traditional business models. The advantage of ecosystem banking comes from leveraging digital technology to communication, data processing, and decision-making. This finding is confirmed for models with a constant and a variable return to scale. The study summarizes the objective drivers of the widespread adoption of banking ecosystems in the digital economy, as well as the threats and regulatory challenges that arise in this regard.

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Sabitova, N. M. ., Leonov, M. V. ., & Shavaleyeva, C. M. . (2022). Legal Issues of the Ecosystem Model on the Efficiency of Financial and Monetary Banks. BiLD Law Journal, 7(3s), 176–182. Retrieved from