The Comparative Study of the German-French Laws Based On the Trilogy of Child-hood, Adolescence, Youth

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Kazem Nejad Dahkaei Sedigheh
Rinat Ferganovich Bekmetov
Ilsever Rami
Ildar Shaikhenurovich Yunusov
Olga Nikolaevna Boldyreva


The comparative study of the constitution of different countries is the best solution to know the best political system in the administration of state affairs. In the drafting of the constitution, by knowing the existing political legal system of the world and comparing them with each other, you can know the advantages and disadvantages of each and the strengths of each to have the best The political system used and used it, although the study of the constitution of each country has its special place and it is necessary for lawyers. Among these, French and German laws are discussed in this paper. Germans and French are the leading European continental peoples. For many centuries, they have fell over one each other. At the same time, the French and Germans turned out to be the most actively involved in the Russian life of the XVIII–XIX centuries, which was reflected in many areas, including in Russian classical literature. It is known that the Russian person learned and identified himself mainly in relation to Western European peoples, primarily with the Germans and French. German and French images are widely represented in Russian literature. In addition, they are quite well studied. Usually, national characters are studied separately in literary works. The fundamental novelty of this article is that it reveals the peculiarities of the poetics of Leo Tolstoy's prose in the study of the German French opposition in the reception of Russian consciousness. The object of the study is the trilogy "Childhood. Adolescence. Youth" and the epic novel "War and Peace", which vividly and expressively presents the German-French opposition in its correlation with the Russian cultural world. The article reveals both the factors that determined one or another character of reception of German and French by the Russian national consciousness, and their expressionе in the poetics of these works.

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Sedigheh, K. N. D. ., Bekmetov, R. F. ., Rami, I. ., Yunusov, I. S. ., & Boldyreva, O. N. . (2022). The Comparative Study of the German-French Laws Based On the Trilogy of Child-hood, Adolescence, Youth. BiLD Law Journal, 7(3s), 212–217. Retrieved from