Representation the Legal Terms of International Relations in the Works “War and Peace” And “The Forsyte Saga”

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Elza Vildanovna Garipova
Elena Valerevna Varlamova
Fanuza Kharisovna Tarasova
Olga Sergeevna Safonkina


In its most fundamental division, the science of law is divided into two main branches of public law and private law, and based on the relationship of the legal rule with one or more "state-states" into two branches of internal or national law and international law. Although in practice, almost all jurists have accepted this fundamental division, some of them have defined and mentioned the types of international law in the framework of the discussion of sub-branches of public law and private law. In domestic law, whether it is a branch of public law or private law, legal relations and the rules governing them are considered within the framework of a certain government and a specific national sovereignty, so that all the effective factors in the formation and implementation of the legal rule are domestic and national; That is, the rule maker is the legislator of the country, the parties to the legal relationship are citizens of the same state, and the legal relationship is also realized within the country, but some legal relationships are not included in the framework of a certain state, but at least one foreign (non-national) element plays a role in it. For many centuries, the attention of modern linguists has been drawn to the problem of reflecting the worldview of a particular ethnic group in language and in fiction. The family is an indicator of culture, nation’s traditions and way of life; it is one of the most important guidelines for human behavior. The article is devoted to a review of the theoretical literature devoted to the study of the concept of “family” from a philosophical and linguistic point of view, special attention is paid to the consideration of the socio-cultural approach to the concept of “family” on the basis of studies of historically established stable social and value structures that set the boundaries for changing society. The emphasis is also made on the representation of the lexical and semantic group of affinal relations in different-structured languages. In the course of the analysis, the lexemes that are part of the lexical-semantic group of affinal relations in the novel “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy and “family” in the novels of “The Forsyte Saga” by John Galsworthy were investigated, their frequency and significance in Russian and English cultures were defined.

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Garipova , E. V. ., Varlamova , E. V. ., Tarasova , F. K. ., & Safonkina , O. S. . (2022). Representation the Legal Terms of International Relations in the Works “War and Peace” And “The Forsyte Saga” . BiLD Law Journal, 7(3s), 223–226. Retrieved from

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