Legal Issues of the Far-Rights Parties in Italy: The Case of “Fratelli D'italia”

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Lilia E. Ilikova


The Law of Freedom of Assemblies and Organizations is one of the manifestations of democracy, so it is said that the existence of political parties and social organizations, along with free and fair elections, is one of the main characteristics of democratic and democratic societies. In this regard, it should be seen what rules and principles should govern the emergence and survival of these social institutions. The article analyzes the political agenda of one of the fastest growing political parties in Italy – Fratelli d'Italia. The migration crisis in Europe in 2015-2016, climate change, the so-called "Arab Spring" and regime change in Libya have sharply raised the issue of regulating migration flows to Europe and have made it more urgent to find a consensus among the European Union countries on the issue of accepting refugees. The main consequence is changes in the political field and the growing influence of "right-wing" and conservative political forces and movements.  Anti-immigration rhetoric is used both by "right-wing" parties and movements and is partially "intercepted" by the ruling parties, as was the case in Germany, Austria, France, and to the full extent in Italy. Italy has the most difficult situation with migration and reception of refugees.  In the 2018 elections, the largest result was obtained by a coalition of center-right parties, including the League (formerly the Northern League), former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia! and the ultra-right «Fratelli d’Italia» party (the «Fratelli d’Italia» received a rather modest result of 4-5% of the vote). The coalition owes much of its election result to the League, with its flamboyant anti-migrant and Eurosceptic rhetoric. In 2019-2020, the League's rhetoric began to seem more moderate, and after the Italian government was re-formed, the «Fratelli d’Italia» party did not join the new coalition, remaining in opposition, continuing its policies, including sharply anti-immigration ones. Currently, according to public opinion polls, the rating of the «Fratelli d’Italia» party has begun to grow significantly, showing results of 18% -20%, which makes it an object of research for scientists interested in political movements and parties and political science in general.

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