Cyberbullying and Preventive Measures: Bangladesh in Context

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Arifa Afroz Smriti
Nazmun Nahar


Modern technological inventions are always blessings towards mankind. But it may turn into hassle by unfair use of technology. Recently worldwide rampant use of internet accelerates to emerge various kinds of misdeeds and bullying is one of them. In traditional bullying approach one may hesitate to do so for fear of humility and punishments, contrarily online bullying or cyberbullying has become a reluctant practice to harass any individual. The objective of this paper is to analyse into an empirical research approach about the reasons and consequences of cyberbullying. The study has a comprehensive perspective about the bitter impact of cyberbullying and provides a bird‘s eye view about the legal mechanism of Bangladesh to eradicate such mishap. Cyberbullying as a faceless evil in virtual space has the greater possibility of threats, alarm, distress, slander and physical danger that go hand in hand with real world bullying. The authors of this article try to explore available legal approach in the context of Bangladesh. It is arguable that a number of statutes may be of assistance in relation to cyberbullying. However, due to the lack of clear definition of cyberbullying, the applicability of these laws is an open debate. This paper recommends initiating a separate procedural law to resolve such kind of technological misdemeanour and to make cyber world a better place of security.

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