Hindu Marriage Act 1955 and other Contemporary Laws of India: Gender Friendly Reforms and Comparing the Situation to Bangladesh

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Nushera Tazrin Darin


The laws enacted during the colonial period are still applicable to the Hindus of Bangladesh and were never revised in the post- independence period while at the same time our neighboring country India have radically changed the Hindu law and completely reformed the law in a gender friendly process, particularly in the case of Hindu marriage such reformation is strongly evident, which can be observed in The Hindu Marriage Act of 1955. In this article, the laws and principles applicable to Hindu marriage in India and related concepts such as divorce, polygamy, maintenance, marriage registration etc. will be discussed in comparison with the situation of Bangladesh. The areas of gender inequalities of Bangladeshi Hindu Law will be identified here which is being perpetuated by the ancient rules as existed in our country. In consistence with the reformed Hindu Laws of India several recommendations are made in this article for incorporating it in possible Hindu Family Law of Bangladesh.

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