Evaluation of the Impact of Coal Mining on the Environment in India

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Kashish Rehan
Dr. Bindu Ronald
Damodar Mayappa Hake


Today, a company's environmental impact has become and will continue to play a crucial role in its overall performance. A company may be excellently giving people top-notch, dependable goods, services, and jobs. However, on the other side, its operations may significantly contribute to environmental degradation. Throughout history, India has been highly dependent on coal as an energy source. Coal is cheap compared to other sources of energy. Nevertheless, where there are positive effects of coal, there also are adverse effects. Over usage of coal and its negative consequences can be seen in today's world contamination of water, air pollution, noise pollution, etc. Its consequences are not limited to the environment and affect coal miners' health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution-related illnesses cause around 4.2 million premature deaths annually  (Weller & Michalopoulou, 2020). Cancer, Global Warming, Asthma, acid rain, heart and lung conditions, global warming, and other severe environmental and public health effects are all linked to air pollution from coal-fired power plants. Coal India Limited was recently penalised for not meeting the environmental protection guidelines. This article shows a research analysis of Coal India Limited and other case studies. Further, an initiative has been taken up by the United Nations at United Nations Climate Change Conference to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the environment to reduce the earth's temperature and protect the environment and bio-diversity - Net Zero Emission. India signed up for Net Zero recently only and targeted to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2070. This research article analyses the decision taken up by India for Net Zero Emissions. At last, the author will provide suggestions to tackle global warming.

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Rehan, K. ., Ronald, D. B. ., & Hake, D. M. . (2022). Evaluation of the Impact of Coal Mining on the Environment in India. BiLD Law Journal, 7(4s), 82–89. Retrieved from https://bildbd.com/index.php/blj/article/view/490