Protection of Food Art under the Copyright Regime in India

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Ayesha Agarwal
Dr. Rupal Raut Desai
Kirti Bikram


Dining out in contemporary times has increased to become a routine activity and for an elemental experience. Restaurant owners and chefs in the culinary business are taking initiatives to improve the consumer's entire dining experience. Chefs are sometimes called culinary artists who prepare food with a formidable presentation appealing to the eye of the diner. The presentation or arrangement of the food by the chefs involves human intellect, which includes colour combinations, placing of food, and layering by working several hours. These food creations involve creative works resulting out of the labour or skill and hence need legal protection. This research paper will take a step forward by attempting to examine whether a chef or restaurant can protect their food creations as food art under the present Indian copyright law regime.

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