The Ideas of Arranging Compensation for Victims of Criminal Actions

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Toga Hamonangan Nadeak
Roy Rovalino Herudiansyah
Yudy Priyono
Bambangherry Purnomo


This research is aimed to know how other countries should pay attention through compensation for victims of crime. In the social contract which reflected in the constitutions, country has established to protect and provide physical and spiritual well-being to its citizens. The problem that rose in this research uses normative method with comparative approach. Examples of arrangements in some of the countries studied can be references as it must be how the state should intervene in helping to ease the burden on citizens who are victims of crime. Many countries have a regulation of law about giving compensation to them who become victim of crime. The compensation which given to them which become the victims of crime suffers both physical and psychological. The compensation that paid from the state budget through institution is created by law who handles the compensation. There is no regulation about giving compensation on the victim of crime in Indonesia and basically it is opposites with the principals of constitutions as the social contract between citizen and country.

Keywords: Compensation, Victim of Crime, Criminal act, Law, State Budget.

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Nadeak, T. H. ., Herudiansyah, R. R. ., Priyono, Y. ., & Purnomo, B. . (2022). The Ideas of Arranging Compensation for Victims of Criminal Actions. BiLD Law Journal, 7(4s), 317–323. Retrieved from

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