Acknowledgement of Paternity under Muslim Law: Indian Perspective

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Rubaiyat Noureen


Paternity should have to be insured to make free a child from the stigma of illegitimate. The child who is illegitimate in the eye of law, the society is also considering the same. Until the paternity has been established the child does not get legal father as well as legal identity. The biological father should have the right to acknowledge his own child. Acknowledgement means accepting the truth; in some cases paternity also need to be acknowledged. In the context of Mohammedan law some situations demands for acknowledgement regarding paternity. If the parents are not married then paternity needs to be legally recognized in order to identify the father and secure the father‘s rights. We need to change our view, we need toconsider situations, and we need to understand the practical scenario than we can implement a decent law for the society.

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