Sports Diplomacy and International Law: Russia and the Republic of Tatarstan

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Letyaev Valerij Alekseevich
Bernal A.M.A
Sadriev Ildar Zufarovich


With the expansion of the process of globalization and the transition from hardware power and emphasis on soft power, different types of diplomacy were proposed in this field, among which we can mention sports diplomacy, which can be considered under the title of "public diplomacy", which is used to improve medium and long-term relations between governments by influencing the general public abroad to achieve foreign policy goals. Therefore, this article aims to investigate the role and impact of sports diplomacy in international relations among the international law. After expanding the conceptual space of the research topic, it will investigate the issue of sports in the form of sports diplomacy. According to the thematic documents presented in this article, the question that can be raised is, what effect does sports diplomacy have on international relations? Interdisciplinary studies of international relations have a high capacity to deal with various issues. Such a capability has increased a lot in the last few decades, and researchers in this field deal with various topics; No one can defend this closed attitude that international relations should be studied only from the perspective of the interactions of governments or dominant and central issues such as security considerations. Sports and campaigns related to it are considered among the very new topics that attract the attention of international relations researchers. The authors consider the sports diplomacy of Russia through the national and regional levels (the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan, as one of the dynamically developing subjects of the Russian Federation). The article used the historical and genetic method to consider the process of formation of sports diplomacy in Russia and other countries, the method of institutional analysis to consider the basic laws of the functioning of international sports diplomacy, the forecasting method to identify the main trends and prospects for the development of sports diplomacy. Sports diplomacy is perceived by the authors as an element of Russia's "soft power" strategy and as a resource for defending the country's foreign policy and economic interests, manifested in the use of large-scale world sports events to form the reputation of the Russian Federation in the world community as a country with positive achievements.

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