Straits of Air Pollution: A Study of Global Exertions and Measures

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Dr. Shilpa Sharma
Dr. Sukhvinder Singh Dari
Dr. Deepti Khubalkar


In a world inundated with crises, tackling air pollution might be the biggest and the grimmest of them all. Overexploitation of resources has led to a point in the world where even breathing in fresh air has become a luxury. With the pace with which the world is moving forward, it isn’t crazy to conclude that the world might face serious consequences such as global warming, climate change, extinction of animal species, respiratory health problems, etc. While the world is cognizant and taking steps to avoid it, there still exists a hanging cloud of ‘it’s not that worse’. But compared to a century ago, the difference in the air quality is already very apparent and scary. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to use doctrinal methodology to recognize the best practices that countries around the world have undertaken to fight this crisis. The researcher took up this topic, because as a cog in this machine we call the world, the world needs to treat it as if the Armageddon is already here and gear up for the fight. The paper will further ask important questions like ‘are the practices to tackle air pollution enough?’ and ‘what can the world further do?’. The first step in the paper's methodology will be to assess the current state of air pollution in the world by contrasting it with earlier times. In furtherance to it, the paper will attempt to comprehend the methods used to address it and further examine it in light of the approaches taken by the community toward the methods. Consequently, this will help to derive some conclusions and what, humans, as a recognized part of the society can do to further mitigate it. 

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Sharma, D. S., Dari, D. S. S. ., & Khubalkar, D. D. . (2022). Straits of Air Pollution: A Study of Global Exertions and Measures . BiLD Law Journal, 7(4s), 420–428. Retrieved from