Title Test Methods of Land in Bangladesh: An Overview

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Md. Mahmudul Hasan Raziv


Land is closely related to our livelihood, economic functions and social norms. In various aspects it is also another cause of disputes in different areas of Bangladesh. Due to not following the proper methods of title test, the right of ownership is not being perfect. Under this situation it is essential that to know the mechanism of searching various documents relating to title and methods of verification of title of that document initially. Without properverification of the title it can‘t be possible to buy any unencumbered land. In addition, this paper seeks to explore about historical development of ownership, various modes of acquiring absolute ownership, steps to be taken by the interested buyer or mortgagee for title test i.e. documentary and in person. It also focuses that many more relevant laws and practical ways to identify the title of property held by a person. Lastly, this paper assesses the categories of core causes of disputes and recommendations.

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