A Review Of Constitutional (Statutory) Courts: Demand And Current Problems

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Anas Gazizovich Gataullin
Evgenij Batyrovich Sultanov
Olga Ivanovna Bazhenova


The courts of justice, which must be established in accordance with legal requirements, handle the activities of the judiciary and settle disputes, defend public rights, further and implement justice, and establish divine limits, as stated in the country's constitution. The article discusses the judicial authorities of the Russian Federation's constituent countries, highlighting their history and current situation while also analyzing the issues that have arisen during their formation, growth, and establishment and offering potential solutions. The author examines national and local laws that specify the constitutional (statutory) courts' legal standing in the constituent parts of the Russian Federation. The significance of the legislative and executive branches in the constituent parts of the Russian Federation is contrasted with that of these state authorities. It is noted that the Russian Federation's Constitutional Court and the constitutional (statutory) courts of the Russian Federation's constituent entities have separate functions. On the one hand, they are a component of the system of state authorities of the Federation's subject, which was set up independently by the subject in accordance with the fundamentals of the constitutional system and guiding principles established by federal law. On the other hand, they are courts of a subject of the Russian Federation in the federal constitutional law-established elements of the Russian Federation's unified judicial system. After conducting research, the author comes to the conclusion that maintaining the constitutional (statutory) courts within a single judicial system is essential to maintaining constitutional values.

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Gataullin, A. G. ., Sultanov, E. B. ., & Bazhenova, O. I. . (2022). A Review Of Constitutional (Statutory) Courts: Demand And Current Problems. BiLD Law Journal, 7(4s), 488–492. Retrieved from https://bildbd.com/index.php/blj/article/view/595 (Original work published January 4, 2023)