A Study of Legal Interpretation of Russian and English Texts

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Azaliya Rishatovna Gizatullina
Gulnara Firdavisovna Lutfullina
Tatyana Yurievna Vinogradova
Mikhail Alexandrovich Grachev


Translation of legal texts in any language requires special precision and skill. Language is the transmitter of information and it becomes usable for the public with the help of the legislator's thought language expressed in the legal text. Poor translation of legal texts causes different and multiple interpretations. The concept of the legal text is obtained as a result of reading it, and it is the reader who analyzes the text in his mind and understands its meaning. Of course, it should be considered that not all readers have the same level of understanding and literacy. For this reason, the main goal of the translation of legal texts is to achieve the same interpretation of these texts by the reader, and at the same time, without introducing the slightest flaw in the concept of laws. Legal currently, as a result of examining the translations of legal texts from English to Russian, we come across two main types of translation problems. The first type of language problems: grammatical, lexical, morphological and syntactical, and the second type is in legal translation. In some cases, poor translations of legal texts lead to disagreements about their nature and legal problems. The translator's familiarity with the legal translation technique, terms and their exact equivalents in both languages ​​and passing training courses will undoubtedly be effective. The article is devoted to consider different adverbials used to express the category of simultaneity. The research is proved to be actual because simultaneity is one of basic meanings of temporal context. It is necessary to distinguish different types of simultaneity in complex sentences. The purpose of the article is to prove that adverbials realize different kinds of simultaneity in English and Russian.

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Gizatullina, A. R. ., Lutfullina, G. F. ., Vinogradova, T. Y., & Grachev, M. A. . (2022). A Study of Legal Interpretation of Russian and English Texts. BiLD Law Journal, 7(4s), 493–498. Retrieved from https://bildbd.com/index.php/blj/article/view/596 (Original work published January 4, 2023)

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